Other Resources

Other mobile resources for trainees in ICU:

 Data interpretation in Critical Care: a very useful app with case-based education to complement the problem-based approach of IC@N. Lots of teaching on imaging, clinical, biochemical, and pathological signs.
 Crit-IQ: the “mother” website of the “Data Interpretation” app with lots more useful information for intensive care trainees & clinicians. Great for exam preparation. 

 Frank Shann’s Paediatric ICU guide  packed with useful information on paediatric  intensive care medicine.
 Frank Shann’s Drug Doses: the now famous booklet is in an app.
 PubMed Search Site: search the medical literature for the latest reviews.
  Therapeutic Guidelines: the famous TG book is available in a mini e-version. Requires (free) iSolo app.
 Medscape Mobile: a free app with extensive literature and pharmaceutical databases.
 MIMS Mobile Australia.

 MedCalc app filled with useful clinical formulae.

Recommended Aussie Texts:
1.Oh’s Intensive Care Manual, 8th Edition. Editors: Bersten, Soni. Butterworth-Heinemann, 2012.
2. Worthley, LIG. Synopsis of Intensive Care Medicine. Churchill Livingston. 1994
3. Hillman K, Bishop G. Clinical intensive care.Cambridge 1996.
4. Corke C. Practical Intensive Care Medicine: problem solving in the ICU. Butterworths Heinemann. 2000.
5. Developing Anaesthesia (weblink)
6. Hillman K, Vital Signs. Stories from Intensive Care. NewSouth Press 2009

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