IC@N Disclaimer

These guidelines have been developed, trialled, and revised over several years by the staff of the Intensive Care Departments at Northern Health and Eastern Health, Melbourne. They provide an augmentation of clinical judgment based on typical events in typical cases. They must always be adapted to the medical needs of the individual patient.
All management decisions should be clearly documented in the patient’s medical record.
Guidelines are simply that, and no more. Their primary purpose is education and advice of medical and nursing staff unfamiliar with the specialty of critical care medicine, or those unfamiliar with the ‘idiosyncrasies’ of Australian Intensivists.

The information provided here focuses upon and addresses common, important, and urgent clinical problems that may arise without warning in any patient. Many of the topics covered here are practical questions for which the simple and safe solution is not always apparent or accessible from medical texts or obscure hospital policy documents.

IC@N is based on a problem-oriented and practical approach: What should I do now? The information contained in IC@N is deliberately simple, direct, and specific; some will think too specific. It assumes a basic level of medical knowledge and clinical experience, plus a degree of common sense. It does not contain detailed or comprehensive treatment guides for specific diagnostic conditions nor definitive long-term treatment, that is available. These guidelines apply to adult critically ill patients.

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