IC@N is a troubleshooting, ‘survival’ guide, and introductory handbook for healthcare staff new to the exciting world of critical care medicine.
The information provided in nearly 300 pages focuses upon and succinctly addresses common, important, and urgent clinical problems that may arise without warning in any patient. Many of the topics covered here are practical questions for which the simple and safe solution is not always apparent or accessible from medical texts or obscure hospital policy documents.

IC@N is based on a problem-oriented and practical approach: What should I do now? The information contained in IC@N is deliberately simple, direct, and specific. Some will think it too direct. It assumes a basic level of medical knowledge and clinical experience, plus a degree of common sense. It does not contain detailed or comprehensive treatment guides for specific diagnostic conditions nor definitive long-term treatment, that is available elsewhere from other sources. Please read the IC@N Disclaimer.

The guidelines in this app were developed and trialled by staff at Northern Health, and Eastern Health, Melbourne, Australia. We are particularly grateful for the assistance of our Intensivists (GD, JG, AC, MR, DC, SW, DJ, PC), Anaesthetists (DP, MB, GB, JE, LG, MH, JB, JL), ICU senior Nursing Staff, Nurse Educators, Liaison Nurses, Physiotherapists, Pharmacists, Speech Therapists, Dietitians, and Admin Staff who have all helped in some significant way to develop these guidelines.
If you have constructive suggestions, requests, comments, or questions please send us an email.

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